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6 Types of Commercial Building Signs Perth Businesses Need

Commercial signs come in different forms, shapes and sizes.

If you want to get the word out about your shop, there are different types of commercial building signs Perth business owners need to make this goal happen.

From larger signage to something more compact and easier to install, you have plenty of options available.

Take a look at these commercial building signs your Perth business can benefit from. Then, you can expand your reach and leave a positive, lasting impression to your customers and prospects.


Commercial Building Signs Perth Business Owners Need

Each type of commercial sign serves its own purpose and benefit. Here are some of the most common ones used by Perth businesses, which you may want to consider for your own needs.


1. Pylon Signs

If you want eye-catching signage for your business, then pylon signs are your best bet.

These are freestanding signages, which come with a stable support structure and built onto the ground.

Many pylon signs are 12 foot-tall, although you can customize yours based on your preferred dimensions.

One thing to note about these signs is that you place it near the street and not right at your building. The goal is to attract people's attention and lead them to your shop, restaurant, or commercial space.


2. Backlit Signs

For added visibility, backlit signs are perfect for the job.

These signs are more noticeable in dim light situations and at night. You can also choose from various sizes of lights. If you want to use the sign on the exterior of your building, then you may opt for larger signs with brighter lights. On the other hand, a smaller version should be perfect for interior use.

If your commercial building is located in a low-light area, you can surely benefit from a backlit signage. The illumination it provides is hard to miss, and it is guaranteed to captivate your potential customers' attention even from a distance.


3. Monument Signages

If you prefer signages that are at eye level, then a monument sign suits your needs.

These are quite similar in appearance and function as a pylon sign but just shorter. For instance, it is usually about 5 feet high, which is guaranteed to send out your message within eye level.

As these signs are more compact, there should be no issue blending it well with your landscaping. It is also suitable for areas where there are zoning guidelines and restrictions.

Commercial building signage by Trident Signs

Commercial building signage by Trident Signs


4. Banners

A great way to leave an impression to your prospects is by using banner signs.

These commercial building signs are typically very large and with catchy texts. You can also use banners outdoors or indoors, as they are quite versatile.

Moreover, banners are best to use for announcing trade shows, grand openings, and any upcoming events you are offering. Whether hung horizontally or vertically, you can be sure that these eye-catching banners will attract your customers' attention.


5. Illuminated Signs

These signages function the same way as backlit signs. However, the only difference is that illuminated signs only light up at night.

Several LED lights are used to illuminate these signs. Thus, they are energy-efficient and cost-effective to use.


6. Window Graphics

If your office space has large windows, you can use these to advertise your business with window graphics.

Basically, window lettering is just as the name implies - you put graphics and text to spread information about your shop or commercial space.

Aside from advertising your products and services, window graphics serve a secondary purpose of blocking sunlight from your office windows. Hence, it helps to keep the facility cooler, especially during the warmer months of the year.


Trusted Experts in Commercial Building Signs

With different types of commercial building signs Perth businesses can choose from, it can get overwhelming to decide the right one to pick.

Moreover, it helps to find trustworthy and experienced professionals who can help you to create and install these commercial building signs.

Trident Signs has been in the signage designing and creation industry since 1993. With decades of professional skill and knowledge in this field, we take pride as Perth's leading signage experts.

No matter what type of commercial building sign you need, allow us to create it for you. We are here to help build your business by widening your reach and assisting you with your advertising goals.

Please feel free to contact us anytime and let's discuss how we can take your business a few steps further.