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5 Key Benefits of Illuminated Signs Perth Business Owners Should Know

There are so many great things about illuminated signs Perth businesses are not aware of.

With businesses doing all they can to stand apart from the rest, you need to be a step ahead in your industry.

This is why we're here to share with you what exactly are illuminated or glowing signs, what's good about them, and why you should consider using these for your business today. Let's get started!


Illuminated Signs: What Exactly Are These?

As the name implies, illuminated signs are glowing signs created by using electrified neon. A glass tubing is filled with noble gas such as neon, and after a current passes through it, this produces a buzzing and glowing light effect.

But that's the traditional way of creating illuminated signages.

Nowadays, neon lights are not as trendy, unless you prefer something oldschool. Thus, modern glowing signs make use of LEDs that come in various colors. This results in an energy-efficient signage unlike neon signs that require 15000 volts just to run them. With LEDs, you only need as little as 24 volts to keep your sign lit!


Advantages of Using Illuminated Signs Perth Businesses Never Knew

So now that you know what illuminated signs are, let us talk about their benefits to your business in Perth. Here are 5 of these advantages that illuminated signs offer:


1. Improved Visibility

It is quite obvious that lighting adds visibility to your business signage.

When you put up a glowing sign on your shop, especially after dark, it easily points people to your direction. It is much like a lighthouse and allows customers to find you and easily draws them in.

Even if your business closes before sundown, you can still keep your glowing sign on. This way, potential customers get a subtle reminder that your business exists. So, the next time they need you, you're the first business on their mind because you stood out above the rest.


2. Security

Illuminated signs are also beneficial to use at night because of the added security they offer.

As your glowing sign constantly stays on, this helps to deter burglars and intruders from breaking into your property. They are also left wondering if you have security cameras installed or if there is a staff or security guard in your property. Hence, these keep them from wreaking havoc to your shop.

Illuminated Signs by Trident Signs


3. Prestige

Illuminated signs also exude an air of class to your business.

It gives your signage a luxurious appeal, which is great for branding purposes. Compared to your competitors' plain old signage, yours looks much classier and upscale.

This helps to elevate your business' appeal to your customers' minds. Backlighting is another stylish effect, which provides a halo effect around and behind your logo or signage.

Since LEDs last for a while, you don't have to worry about any broken or flickering bulb in your glowing sign. Your LED signs should last for years to come.


4. Versatile

Another great thing about illuminated signs is the versatility they offer.

These glowing signs look great anywhere you put it, whether you place it in a dark and secluded corner or right underneath some overhang.

You can even make use of your brand colors for the lights, which adds to your branding goals.


5. Energy Efficient

And lastly, illuminated signs that use LED are energy-efficient. You can keep them on without having to worry about spending too much on your electric bill.

These lights are also eco-friendly and do not contribute to a high carbon footprint. LEDs are recyclable, as well. So, it is certainly a win-win for you and the environment!


Bottom Line

There are far too many benefits of illuminated signs Perth businesses need to know. This is why they are an excellent investment - you can improve your branding, set yourself above the competition, and achieve all of these while caring for the environment and not breaking the bank!

For expert and professional assistance with your business' illuminated sign, please give Trident Signs, a Perth signage company, a call today and discover how we can help you out.